Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Benny Is Graduating Next Saturday!

Our son Ben finishes his college education at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO next Saturday, December 18, 2010! We are very excited for him. We are proud of him and can hardly wait to see what he will do as he sets out to create a life that works for him.

Many of you know that Ben has a small business which he started early in his college career; he also went out to Maryland over a year ago to get his real estate license [which he did!] and worked for his Aunt Robin, sold a house and came home after the market crashed to finish college! One good thing that came out of that crash...and now he gets his Bachelors Degree in business management. Ben has always expressed an interest in law enforcement [I swear that kid was born with a red cape] he says he will pursue that in the Spring.

For a kid who never wanted to work...he sure has made a splash in this world so far!

Boy you have done it! I love you, I am proud of you.

See you Friday with your dog,
Mom XO

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