Monday, June 21, 2010

Carol Chrysler, Early Childhood Clinician and Art Therapist made this statement about PlayPals:

"I have been using the PlayPals in my clinical practice for several years. I work with children birth to 6 years old and use play therapy with them regularly. Most of the kids I work with have some kind of behavior issue or have experienced trauma, abuse, or some other significant negative experience that has affected their life. In the play therapy room, children really respond to the size and softness of the PlayPals. They are about the same size as some kids! The children not only like to just be with them, but also use them to express themselves and their experiences through play. One thing I like best about the dolls is the rich and soulful expressions on their little faces. I believe this can help the children to explore a fuller range of feelings and meaningful experience, that it's OK to feel whatever they're feeling even if it's sad or angry or scared. The PlayPals are a valuable, integral part of our play therapy room environment. I even have a couple of dolls at home just because I enjoy them so much."

Carol Chrysler, LPC, ATR-BC
Early Childhood Clinician/Art Therapist
San Luis Valley Mental Health Center

Carol, thank you from EC Hanson and PlayPals!
Signing off,