Sunday, October 31, 2010, friends, beauty....

Feeling good about getting my energy back. I've had friends showing up all over since my return and it has been very exciting and energizing. Today has been a good reminder of the many wonders in my life; I am grateful.

This image reminds me of the good things.

I hope you have some lovely things/moments/friends that remind you how lucky you are and how much you deserve. Smile and be happy:)

Good night

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is my friend Mary....we met in Louisville!

For my friends and family....the one person image-wise I missed sharing with you yesterday was my new friend, Mary. Here she is in full regalia, smiling and feeling the "Heidi-vibe". She really helped me laugh and enjoy the week on my feet in Louisville along with Charlotte, Heidi, Benny, Catherine, David, Gary, and of course my sisters!!! I can feel the Louisville trip becoming a distant memory but for the people I met who worked their way into my heart!

Many thanks to all of you,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Connections and Re-Connections...the conference is done!

The National APT Conference is finally done! It was a long haul but I made it and my sisters showed up:) It was amazing... I met so many new people and re-connected with others it was great!! It felt good to be received so well; thanks to those of you who remembered me and told stories of how well the dolls are received by your children in your practices. It was affirming.

The drive was wonderful...this country is truly beautiful and my timing was good. I had an easy trip. It was long but "Magellan" got me there with no problem! The hotel was great! The view from our room was magnificent - a view of the Ohio river with views of barges being pushed by tug boats and the sun AND THEN....

two of my three sisters showed up to celebrate my birthday! What a week I had...I feel lucky and know the universe has been good to me. My husband and partner of many years remembered my special New Year by sending me flowers.

AND THEN..... Making new friends!

and Mary and Charlotte who are not in my pictures:(

So it was an amazing trip; one that will stay in my heart for a very long time. Celebrating my 60th birthday or New Year, as I like to call it! AND meeting tons of great people who like to laugh, create, and help people. Family and Friends...what else is there?!

I hope to give you a smile today with some of these shots. I will bring more your way soon as I go through my photos and memories of Louisville!

Signing off,