Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working on my website; some changes have been made -

I am back and had some time to rest up! Yay! I had a wonderful trip to Portland and a visit with my daughter - her new home is lovely and wet! I had many opportunities to see her in action. Wow... she's a grown up,very knowledgeable, and well received. They chose the right woman for the job.

Now I am back to work on my websites: today I have updated my PlayPals site [] to show price changes and some new descriptions. If you have friends who might be interested in hand made dollies or other "feelings" tools please share the address with them.

This weekend I begin adding new products to my I.B.intentionalbeauty: [] Friday this week. I will be add new Desk Heads, cards, and some new parasols designs. So please check in from time to time to see the most current items & creations from EC Hanson Studios.

Here is a sneak peak -

This is a "mood meter"- Signing off for now,