Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PlayPals...........received well at Juniper Village!

"Making connections" to me means making a difference.............this is why I make my little dollies! No kidding, this is the icing on the cake! I spent a few hours with the Social Worker, Donna, and my dolls........ meeting some of the Juniper Village family and walked away with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart.

Look at these happy unions! Making dolls for me is about making a connection and by extension, making a difference. I think we did that today! All of the people you see here were very excited about receiving a doll. Each person made their doll choice thoughtfully and vowed to care for their doll with compassion and love. I jokingly said to one women, you can sleep with the dolls too................she replied with daggers in her eyes.........."no I won't, they are too special." I had an opportunity to speak with every person who wanted a doll and as I left the building everyone was holding tightly to their PlayPal with smiles on their faces.

Thank you Juniper Village for this amazing opportunity; me sharing my dolls with and you sharing your smiles and giggles with me!

Social Worker, Donna and Juniper Village Director, Jill Weinger suggested the dolls be smaller than larger. It makes perfect sense that the dolls for elders [in care centers] be smaller, to hold and cuddle. The larger dolls children use as companions in play therapy or the larger doll becomes an adult who the child sees as a relationship needing work. Children seem to be drawn to larger dolls more "their size"; the larger doll is like having a peer beside you and the smaller doll suggests care needed...............so size does matter! At least with these dolls.

Be thoughtful about your need for a doll and together we can work to determine the size of the doll for you, your clients, or your children.

Signing out..........have a peaceful day and enjoy what you do,
EC Hanson