Thursday, June 11, 2009

5th Group Doodle scanned in!

Yikes! Here is #5..............getting wild! Tomorrow I will send this off to LA to be addressed by someone very special. I can hardly wait to see what happens there..........mmmmm.

The practice in this doodle is to let it go when you have done 'your thing'! Allow the next person to move in their own direction............allow and flow.......
and have some fun!


Group Doodle 4th entry

Good Morning!

I will keep on passing this along until it is full and or feeling complete. Here is the fourth entry and the doodle is on to the next person this afternoon.

It is getting interesting but I notice that everyone is kind of staying "inside the lines"..........mmmmmmm maybe it is time to shake things up a others permission to get wild!!

I will take the fifth position and see if I can push the envelope as it travels to the west coast to visit my daughter and her chums. I will post the fifth entry tomorrow and then off to LA!

"Live with intention, create beauty, embrace the positive, and let the rest go!"

Be at Peace,