Saturday, March 13, 2010



Just wanted to personally introduce you to my new 'etsy site'; It is
the contact point for custom dolls made by me [EC Hanson], play therapy toys and tools [which will be posted soon] and that special place to see all the dolls that I have on hand. I call them PlayPals TM because that literally describes one of the purposes for the dolls. I originally created these dolls to be companions for my own children as we traveled across the country to move to the prairie from our home in Pennsylvania. The dolls kept my children company and gave them a shoulder to lean on when they were alone in one of the cars in tandem on this journey. I can tell you that they were helpful emotionally and my children still have them in their possession to kids are now grown-ups and have saved these special dolls for their own children.

After that trip, I created dolls for one of my three sisters who had some grand children. The dolls back then were not as refined as they are presently:) One of my other sisters who happens to be a play therapist, pt trainer, filial therapist and ft trainer asked me to make dolls for her. I created five dolls for my sis, Cindy Caparosa Sniscak, M.Ps.Sc., LPC, of the Beech Street Program [] who found them useful and the five blossomed into a dozen! She shared this information with her friend and co-hort Dr.Rise Van Fleet, Ph.D., RPT-S of Family Enhancement & Play Therapy [] who also found the dolls useful and now has a group of her own.

Over the past 15 years I have attended several play therapy conferences, local and national, and have crafted close to 700!

That number slays me! I plan to continue creating dolls and finding homes for them. Not only are they in the offices of play therapists across the country, but there are dolls in private homes in the rooms and arms of children all ages. The dolls are in nursing homes and schools across the country as well. My goal is to have at least one doll in the arms of every child who sits in a hospital room and finds themselves alone while the Dr. speaks with Mom and Dad. That task has been a daunting.............but I am determined! So........if any of you reading this have any ideas on how to make that happen, please contact me so I can continue my search for funding and support to achieve this goal.

Take a look at what Carol Mader, Play Therapist and School Counselor, shared with me recently, "Dear Ellen, I used to work with Cindy at Beech Street and I still have the 3 ft. size "doll." I used him when I was a school counselor and in private practice. He/she was a lifesaver. You made the doll in such a way that it could be identified as a boy or tomboy girl. My clients in child-centered play therapy and in directed work, used "Angel," as he was named by the kids, as a playmate. A child would talk to him as though he was another classmate or friend. Also, with painfully shy children, Angel might say "what they wished they could say." Angel was used for practice of social skills and assertiveness training. Thank you for getting back in the business! Your dolls are therapeutic. Sincerely, Carol"

Here are a few of the newest faces in my current collection...........enjoy!

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