Monday, April 19, 2010

A Happy Customer!

This is Dawn. She's a therapist who recently purchased the two dolls you see with her on the sofa. She gave me permission to show you this picture of her and the dolls and where they now live! Read what she has to say:

I have been meaning to send this and just haven't had a chance! This isn't a great picture, but I thought you might like to see where the dolls will be "living." I'm very excited about them, and it has been fun to see my clients reactions. Some have been a little standoffish from them because they are new, and others have been drawn instantly. Anyway, I love them and am thrilled at the ones I picked!
Thanks so much!"


Dawn, thanks so much for sending this shot and for allowing others to view it and to read your remarks. I hope you will send follow-up remarks as you get to know the dolls and your kids get to know the dolls as well!

For anyone who reads this and has some of my dolls for their own children or who use them in their therapy, please send me some feed back; how the dolls are used, are they loved, do they evoke stories, and how they fit into your lives!

Signing out,
EC Hanson