Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting the hang of this picture program!

Took long enough! Many thanks to Karl for all his help and encouragement:) I know it's been a challenge walking me through this but I am very grateful! I've spent most of my day photographing and working though my ideas on the picture program, you are tops on my gratitude list!
Not only am I grateful for the assistance..........but had I not painted parasols for your wedding, I wouldn't have known how much fun I could have! Give your bride a huge hug from me!

Thank you!

For those of you on-lookers that like what you see...............please check my etsy site: .
For the next hour or so, I will be posting the pictures I took today of the parasols I have on hand.

I see these parasols in the hands of people out on a sunny day, in store windows, in play therapy offices for children to play "dress-up", as decorations in private homes, and for elders sitting out on the porch on a sunny day at a care center! Let me know where you see these colorful beauties!

Signing off,

Spring is supposed to be here........................

I just lit a fire.......I'm freezing! But the sun is shining and the wind is blowing and oy does it blow!

Just in time for my parasol production...........yikes. Take a look at these and imagine you are on a stroll, the sun is shining, the wind is a mild breeze and your only worry is to be home in time for dinner:)
OR you have a shop and as Summer approaches you ponder the "window-redo" will you attract buyers and display your wares?

What's your color? You choose and I'll create a parasol just for you!

Enjoy your stroll............