Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can You Believe It?!

Since I got such a late start as a parent and having taken 27 years to get my BS I can hardly believe that my children are so "on track" with their education! I couldn't be more proud and impressed with their tenacity. This shot of them was from a very long time ago but the picture was set in the center of the candy we used during our cake competition this past Thanksgiving! They still actually hold those same expressions much of the time, today!

Yesterday, after a very grueling presentation my amazing daughter put forth her "Portfolio" and argued it's relevance! It sounds as though the panel she presented to were very tough and a bit challenged by her premise. According to her employer who had been asked to sit on the panel for this year's round of graduate students, said that my daughter [the one rolling her eyes] was "brilliant" and did very well; didn't buckle under the pressure of the panel's daunting questions. So, in a few weeks, she will be a graduate with an MLIS, a Masters in Library Information ???? with an opportunity to make more money and support me in the style which I would love to become accustomed to!

My son will be completing his BA or BS this Fall with a major in Business and a minor in Criminal something............justice or criminology????? and will be a "three time winner; a small business, a college graduate, and a licensed real estate agent!"

I always knew my kids were cute and funny, loving life and laughing out loud............but who knew they were so dang smart?!!! Where'd they get that? their ages I was working in a bar schmoozing with local bankers to increase my tips on Friday lunches! I had little to no 'grown-up' direction [had some fun] but knew that one day I would have to make a turn somewhere.............but where?

So allow this momma to brag just a wee bit today and maybe this Fall:) Congratulations to my amazing children. I love you and I am proud of you!! Maybe they adopted me!?