Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've been thinking of this so I re-posted!

Spheres, circles, cycles, beginnings, endings, change, growth, connecting...............spheres/made of many circles connecting to other circles which have beginnings and endings

Life, art, love, joy, gratitude, energy, wisdom........things to ponder.

Art and life, side by side. When I think about art I realize that without it my life would look very different. Art - line, shape, form, color, texture, and space - Understanding these concepts is important because..........if my senses are intact, I need to be able to use them well. Having knowledge and some kind of understanding about color, shape, texture, line, form, and how to use space/how to fill space.........I have a better 'quality of life.' For example; as soon as I swing my legs over the side of my bed and open my eyes I find myself in a three dimensional world full of color, texture, line, shape, etc; when I write a letter, the person I write to may get some idea of how I feel, not only by the words I use, but by the way I write/how intensely I put the letter on the page. If I am angry, my writing looks different than when I am relaxed and happy; as I ready myself to go out into the world for the day, the way I choose to dress, put on my make-up [or not], do my hair [or not], says something about me and what I want others to know about me.

Art is not just about something someone does for money, it is one person's way to express him/herself. That expression tells others about me [the artist] or at least the viewer sees what I want them to see [or not]. As an artist I put what I want to.........on to a page, into a piece of sculpture, through words on a page, or into a piece of music; that is me. I want you to see what you see, to interpret my art your way. I won't tell you what to see or to think...........when I am done creating - it's your turn.............what do you see? Enjoy or not, but feel it in the moment.

Human beings use these skills all the time, they just don't talk about them.

Live with intention - Create beauty - Embrace the positive - Let the rest go

"Working hard, I almost missed it!"

I have been at my table painting almost all day. I have been sitting her for hours............ ...painting three pictures at a time and cutting paper for cards............the many stages in the process; I finally looked up from my table and almost missed the amazing sky! There's a storm rolling in or rolling past but right now it is creeping over the mountains and I am the lucky one - sitting right in front of the San Juan Mountains in the southern San Luis Valley! It is amazing and one of the reasons we live here. There are many times on my way into town or back home again that I have to remind myself not to take this for granted - the amazing views and changes in the weather. Weather in this valley changes on a dime! One minute the sun is shining and the next the wind is blowing and it is raining or hailing or snowing. I love that it is not static or predictable. The only thing that seems to be predictable is a nice long fall. We are rapidly approaching that and I can't wait............the nights are very cool and the days are sunny and not so hot! We got the sky, here in the valley!
Here it is, the view from the west; the storm approaching and me almost not noticing. Scroll down to see different shots, I think you'll enjoy the trip. Have a great evening. EC

one more......................................
Well, I hope you enjoyed this little sky journey. I get to see this all the time and I love it! Life is good!!