Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why "intentional beauty"?

Jan. 10, 2009

Good Morning,

I am snowed in again. It has been an interesting and wonderful winter so far........I've been snowed in three times already and it is only January 10! I have been sitting in my big reading chair with hot coffee enjoying the prairie and the mountains under new snow, watching the birds and thinking about this question; Why did you choose "intentional beauty" for the name of your business? I have been pondering this for a while and I believe that I have an answer for those who have asked! My business is more than 'a business'; it is a way of life; it is how I choose to live. Intentional beauty is my philosophy of life; to "live with intention and to create beauty; to practice embracing what I love and letting go of the rest." When I think about creating beauty I mean in relationships, my surroundings, food, conversations/listening and sharing, being present and understanding/embracing the practice of "allowing". I have been told that I have control issues. I realize that control is usually fear based; from historic stuff, not being good enough, pretty enough, funny enough, talented enough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,blah blah blah. For years it has been difficult to let old messages be recognize what is mine and what is not. My practice today is to "allow" and to "let go". This has been tough but I think I am getting the hang of it. It is an on-going practice which I am happy to say feels ok.

I was sharing a lunch with a dear and trusted friend yesterday.............we had an intriguing discussion on personal evolution. I am thrilled, sometimes amazed, that I know someone who understands how change happens and how challenging creating a life of one's design can be and how long it can take! Truth be known [at long last!] this kind of creation is never complete! It, my life, is on-going [at least for now] and that, for me is the beauty of 'creating a life of my design'--Choice,Challenge and Time!

Enjoy your journey, I am enjoying mine!