Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brainstorming and Planning....................

OK, so here's the thing...............while I sit in my studio and create dolls, paint umbrellas, and make new paintings that will be made into cards...... I realize that I am almost there!................. I made a few decisions a little over a year ago and those choices are blooming [that's right, it's Spring!]. My process has not been 'perfected yet'........I am almost to the end of the extra stuff in my studio! That was one of my pledges or resolutions... "to use everything [all materials] in my studio instead of buying new supplies." I have burned through that one without much trouble. The other resolution I made to me was this, "to do what I want when I want and............ it must be something that makes me happy." So far, that too is going pretty well; I make things almost everyday; I work with women continuing to assist them in moving their lives forward, as a life coach that keeps me out of total solitude......... and I spend more time in the home I love with the man in my life I hardly saw in the past decade! All these things seemed nearly impossible while I worked a full-time job for someone else! Here is my issue with "almost", back to the start of this post: as I make these dollies, I realize that I want a doll to be in the arms of every child who has to spend a moment alone......................while mom and dad speak with a doctor, or a child that has spent a scared uneasy night because they are alone in their room. I want a doll with every person who needs help sitting up in a wheel chair because their muscles just don't do the job anymore [the dolls are big and stuffable, with sweet eyes so one might feel there is a friend along for the ride]. You can see where I am going with this, right?

I'd love to make donations of these dolls but I still need to work and so I am looking into funding to make this vision actually happen. As I peruse the web seeking help with funds to keep me producing dolls I realized that maybe I should begin with a less complicated or a more simple approach.........anyone who makes a donation to a children's hospital or has an elder in the family in a wheel chair or an Alzheimer's unit can purchase a doll and make a donation themselves! So that's how I'll proceed............ If you are interested in donating a doll to your favorite charity give my doll site a click and see the dolls I have on hand!

Have at it you generous beast! I can make as many as you can give...............:)

Here is my PlayPals address again:! And while you're at it, check out my hand-made card site so you can buy a card to go along with your doll! If you'd like to do that I will give you a buyer's discount on the card! If you decide to do that, shoot me an e-mail and we can work out shipping details.

Thanks for the brainstorming session,
EC Hanson