Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Products!

Just a quick note,

Please check out my boxes of cards. I will be featuring some ideas on special ways to give them as gifts! That will be coming this week................stay tuned! I will also be listing new dolls and some 3D work. Sculpture had always been my seems I paint more now than before but I still work in 3D and I PAINT THAT TOO!

EC Hanson

Finally Getting the Hang of It!

[Another new card design, that makes almost a dozen! Any thoughts?]


Glad to be back. I have struggled and struggled to "get the hang" of working on the web.........and although it seems like an eternity it appears that I am making it happen. I am very grateful to my daughter and my friend who have both stood by me repeating directions time and time again, [without complaining].

I hope you will take some time to scroll through the site to see the new products and in the next few days I will be posting some information on how I create my cards...........people seem interested in the process and I am happy to talk about it.

I am sending another shot of this stormy place we live in here in southern Colorado. It has been wonderful and the desert hasn't looked this green in over a decade!