Sunday, June 6, 2010

PlayPals reside in many places!

This Little Gal's Grandmother bought her a dolly at a fair in Colorado Springs! The next day, the daughter, mother of the baby came to the fair to tell me that she loved the dolly and that even though she cannot walk she drags it with her everywhere! Mom was very sweet and told me this with a big smile followed by a hug! Why I continue to make PlayPals:)

These two dolls are in Therese P.'s bag of tricks. She is a licensed professional counselor and goes into peoples homes because of her rural location. Here is what T has to say: "
I am a licensed counselor working in a rural area, which allows me to do a lot of therapy in people's homes, including play therapy with kids. I like bringing PlayPals along for this purpose--- they are versatile and portable. Kids (and adults) always have a reaction to PlayPals--- they are hard to ignore: They're big, with bright features. I bring them in and let people make their own decision about "who is this?' and "do I like it?" PlayPals are human-like and useful for role-plays--teaching healthy boundaries and other social skills. While they are non-threatening and super-soft and cuddly; they also have what I would term "neutral" expressions on their faces. Clients can project their own thoughts and feelings onto these dolls. I've seen the dolls tossed in the air, locked in the closet, hugged, thrown on the floor and punched, sat on--- you name it. The dolls are beautifully made, of good quality, durable, and can take what kids dish out. My first one has lasted for years and still looks great. Now I'm using two PlayPals together for twice the effect in my sessions.

As you can see, they reside in varied places but enjoy the love!

Thank you to T and to Katie for the shots and the kind words.

Signing out,